Telecom Products

heatshrinkChunma supplies heat shrinkable closures and cable splice connectors for telecom industry. For more than a decade, we have been a major provider of heat-shrinkable closures to KT, Korea’s leading telecom service provider.

Heat-Shrinkable Closures


Heat-shrinkable closures are used to securely connect and seal telecom cables.

Chunma’s fiber-reinforced, heat-shrinkable closures are based on intricate dynamics of polymer engineering, composite materials science, and radiation technology, which we have mastered over years of research.

Chunma’s heat-shrinkable closure kits are supplied complete with the heat-shrinkable sleeve, metal canister, aluminum closing strip, shielded bonding wire, abrasive strip, branch-off clip, and instruction sheet with detailed illustrations.

Cable Splice Connectors


Splice connectors are used to establish a connection between two cables.

Chunma’s cable splice connectors are specifically designed to make the wiring tasks convenient and quick while satisfying technical requirement. Our connectors are gel-filled for moisture resistance.

Compounds & Testing


Through many years of research, Chunma has built database of proprietary formula for various compounding needs in producing telecom cable closures for many different markets around the world.

We also have full line of testing equipment to ensure and verify the quality of materials used for the production and installation of heat-shrinkable closures.

Telecom Steel Poles


Chunma supplies high-strength, zinc-plated telecom steel poles. Chunma’s telecom steel poles are constructed in two parts, and are easier to handle in transporation and installation compared to concrete-based poles. The zinc-plated surface is resistant against corrosion.