Magnetic Products

pmb_embChunma produces wide variety of magnetic application devices and machineries, used in various industries including silica and dolomite mining facilities, hardware workshops, and medical x-ray diagnostic devices.

We also supply ultra low carbon irons and ferrite, bonded and rare-earth permanent magnets for high performance applications.

Magnetic Locks (Brakes)


Magnetic brakes (or “locks”) are used for efficient and reliable fixation (locking) of moving parts in various applications including medical x-ray devices.

Constructed using high-performance rare-earth magnet components, this small but powerful device can hold upto 30-40 kg while enabling precise control.

Chunma has been supplying permanent magnet (PMB) and electromagnet (EMB) type brakes to leading manufacturers of digital x-ray medical devices for years. Custom orders for design modification is also available.

download: PMB/EMB magnetic brakes brochure (pdf)

Magnetic Separators


Chunma’s Induced Roll Magnetic Separators are used for extraction of iron or chromium bearing minerals from silica sand.

Other uses include concentration minerals such as wolframite, removal of paramagnetic minerals such as Iron Titanium Oxide (Ilmenite, FeTiO3), Iron Carbonate (siderite, FeCO3), etc., from valuable non-magnetic minerals, and purification of dry granular chemical compounds and abrasives.

Chunma has proven track record of supplying magnetic separators to world-class silica mines.

download: magnetic separator brochure (pdf)

Magnetic Materials


Chunma supplies high-purity iron (99.8%) with extremely-low carbon content (0.0218%), which leads to outstanding magnetic properties for high-performance applications.

Chunma’s ultra-low carbon content iron is provided in either strip or sheet-type (CMI-B) and rod-type (CMI-C) in a wide range of dimensions and qualities. Various thicknesses are maintained in stock for quick delivery.

Chunma supplies wide variety of permanent magnets including ferrite magnets, rare earth magnets (SmCo, Nd-Fe-B), bonded magnets, and metal magnets (AlNiCo) for applications requiring high-performance.

download: magnetic materials brochure (pdf)

Telecom Steel Poles


Lifting Magnet (LIFMA) is used in the manufacturing industry to move steel (in the form of plate, block, or round shape) and iron material in steel mill application, and other specialty applications. Permanent magnet-based LIFMA requires no electricity.

Chunma CMLP series LIFMA are ideally suited for safe and efficient handling, loading and unloading of machine tools in machine workshops.

download: lifting magnet brochure (pdf)